In today’s fast paced world companies and higher learning organizations are uncovering the challenges of training their employees, students, partners, and clients. The key focus has shifted from a customer to an educated customer. Our education landscape has changed over the last few years. Next generation education is highly technology powered and video centeric which keeps the learners engaged. Learning has become an experience and today’s workers know that learning is a lifelong process. In the knowledge economy learning has become an lintegral part Open Learn empowers its valuable clients by offering cutting edge video based technology, collaboration and proven business solutions that keep the learners engaged and interacting. 

OpenLearn is a video-based learning system that enables organizations to create, manage and deliver eLearning content to employees, clients and customers all around the world. OpenLearn has developed a highly interactive video based technology for your organization to enhance its online training programs and learning experiences. Open Learn provides you with all the tools you need to efficiently reach your audience.
Our company firmly believes that customers are searching for complete and effective solutions and not just products. In order for us to meet this challenge, we have established alliances with partners that will help expand our product and service capabilities and therefore provide our clients with comprehensive, useful training and learning solutions.

Our headquarters is currently located in Cambridge, Massachusetts with offices in New York.