The Social Media Learning module is a robust and integrated social media platform. It performs the complex interactions necessary to build communities and ensure brand interaction within a user-friendly and efficient framework. With thousands of configuration options, sites can be highly customized to reflect the visions organizations have for their online brands. As organizations re-evaluate their online strategies to meet constantly changing needs and ensure continued community participation, it is critical that their social media and content management solutions are flexible and powerful enough to deploy new initiatives rapidly.Open Learn introduces a completely new level of e learning engagement – Social Media Learning. With the release of the new Social Media Learning Platform, site administrators can easily integrate social networking and social media functions within their site. Website visitors can create their own user profiles, comment, and recommend content to other users. Website visitors can also blog as well as add their own rich media content, including photo galleries and video. Site members can invite their friends and send messages to each other based on customizable privacy settings. Comments, recommendations, and ratings, like all other user-generated content, are associated with each student profile and can be found by using the search function.

Studies have proven that peer towhen peerpeer-to-peer learning is incorporateddone there is a high element of collaboration and retentions. Social Media Learning helps in augmenting this capability within learners. Social media is the most effective tool for enhancing both awareness and image of your site and brand. Visitors, fans, and customers want to be heard and empowered while interacting with your website. By allowing users to interact with content and other users administrators and educators are able to gather valuable feedback directly from the target learners audience and use that information for better educational content and effective methods of content deliver.


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