This multimedia-based authoring tool enables instructors and content creators to capture, edit, and deliver a compelling rich-media powered online event. by integrating audio, video, text, and images with course materials. The content creator supplies the targeted audience with an experience viewable live or instantly archived for on-demand purposes.

Using familiar content creation programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Word, instructors and administrators can easily integrate and synchronize text, slides, pictures, animations, and charts with their own custom created multimedia tools. Open Learn Producer enables the creation and publicationshing of a variety of support materials including course outlines, exams, and surveys as well as video and text-based frequently asked question’s. Using Open Learn Producer, instructors take complete control of their content to create the most comprehensive and compelling learning experience available on the Web.


Features of Open Learn Producer include:

  • Content Creation and Authoring Tool
  • One-Click Archival
  • Create Virtual Class room
  • Surveys and Testing
  • Multimedia Content Editing
  • Integration and Use of Pre-Produced Multimedia Content