Video delivery provides access from all distributed locations. With a Video Cloud delivery system OpenLearn can deliver high quality video to your desktop and mobile device without high delivery cost. The video assets are available closer to your location so, there is no need to have multiple servers and costly content delivery networks to deploy learning content across the globe.


Cloud Computing is a cost effective business model for IT services for the secure delivery of hardware and application services over the Internet. As an outsourcing and cloud computing specialist, OpenLearn is hosted with a cloud based solution that is reliable and cost effective. With Video Cloud hosting services and OpenLearnapplications in the cloud, you can improve overall computer utilization rates, reduce capital and operations costs, and benefit from flexibility of services.



If security is vital for your content Private Video Cloud is your answer.

In a hosted private cloud, physical infrastructure is provisioned and dedicated to a single customer. This means no more comingling of data, applications, user credentials or other sensitive information. This dedicated infrastructure is secured in state of the art datacenters and is locked within a cage, further limiting physical access to a select few individuals.



Video Cloud provides the flexibility and scalability of Cloud Computing with the security and privacy of dedicated infrastructure. Enterprises can now avoid costly and time-consuming data center build outs and maintenance while benefiting from the true value of Cloud Computing. OpenLearn provides your organizations with all the expected features: flexibility, scalability and control of cloud computing, but entirely within a private, dedicated infrastructure.




  • Dedicated infrastructure providing security for critical data and compliance
  • On-demand infrastructure managed through a self-service portal or API
  • Efficient – convert CapEx to OpEx
  • Management tools for transparency of utilization and costs
  • Role-based access and control
  • Charge back capabilities
  • High performance cloud technology
  • Maintenance-free environment that includes patching, updates and upgrades