Learning Management System

The OpenLearn Administrator provides a comprehensive enterprise multimedia learning management solution that sets the foundation for your organization’s training program. With Administrator, clients are capable of building a virtual university that facilitates the ability to store, manage, search and distribute multimedia based learning content helping them to create a fully personalized organization-wide learning portal.


Once archived, each course component becomes a unique learning object and valuable organizational asset. The OpenLearn Administrator enables easy administration of these learning objects ensuring accessibility and use for your entire extended enterprise. OpenLearn Adminstrator includes the following features and options:

  • Customized Learning Portal
  • Customized Learning Tracks
  • Customized Work Flow for Content
  • Administer Courses with Instructors
  • Video & Text Content Management
  • Quizzes & Certifications
  • Searchable Courses and Learning Objects
  • Podcast & Mobile Learning
  • Reports & Dashboards to Measure Utilization and Effectiveness
  • E-Commerce Capabilities