The Power of Twitter in Leveraging your Business

Nowadays, people are not only using Twitter for sharing opinions, ideas and thoughts with others but also as a tool in reaching out to more businesses as well.
More and more companies are using this powerful social networking site for enhancing brand advocacy, performing market research, management & reputation and in highlighting events and other conferences. There are numerous organizations right now participating in the Twitter platform. Many are tweeting, some are just listening around and others even do both activities. But even before you decide on applying this social networking site, it would be nice to remember that the same rules apply to other social media sites. As a public forum, users should be aware of the limits of what society considers as desirable and acceptable.

From pitching all your followers and rewarding brand loyalty to keeping close watch on Twitterverse, focusing on small communities and incorporating metadata on your tweets, here are several ways for you to use Twitter in expanding your business.

  • Share your expertise and build a good reputation and credibility. If you are planning to organize seminars, web meetings and workshops, make sure you let the people know you are starting soon and how they can participate in it. Link some of your videos and presentations. Twitter can help in directing the people’s attention to events. Try to offer solutions to the people who are in need of advices or help regarding your expertise. Share ideas internally in an efficient manner and make sure you broadcast links or headlines that may drive traffic into your main business site.
  • Expand your business network and build a long email marketing list with the help of Twitter. Try to join topics that are connected with your profession or business and gain customers just by scanning other people’s tweets. Follow users who have some of your keywords. Try to establish a valuable and social personality online. Twitter can also help you increase traffic in your site and at the same time; add more emails on your marketing list. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of all the information Twitter is offering and learn more about your clients and competitors.
  • Open up your Twitter account for customer feedback and complaints. Make your account a customer service portal where people can ask about your product, complain about it, and communicate effectively with your clients.
  • Broadcast special promotions and deals. Give away incentives and promotions to the people who are following you on Twitter. The site is also a great way for you to create interest and increase attendees.
  • Slowly create brand loyalty. Twitter will always let you stay in touch with many of your followers and potential customers. Make sure you actively participate in their conversations and at the same time tweet interesting topics.

Customer service, giveaways, promotions and recruitments- these are just a few of the many business activities that you can do using Twitter as a channel to connect with fans and customers. The current Twitter platform currently supports thousands of business apps. So start tweeting your business to success!