Facebook’s Email Communication System: Not Your Ordinary Inbox

At a recent press event sponsored by Facebook’s, the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the site will include an all new email communication hub that will integrate all forms of digital communication that includes IM, Facebook messages, SMS texts and email messages. It seems that the current flurry of rumors about Facebook launching its own email is true. There are around 350 million online users who send around 4B messages on Facebook on a daily basis. Perhaps, it’s time that the developers begin to modernize their communications.

It would now possible for the public to get a ‘xxx@facebook.com’ email address but according to the company’s CEO, this is something beside the point. Zuckerberg said that this service is not meant to be a big Gmail competitor. This new messaging service will have SMS, IM and Facebook messages into one system making it easier for individuals and even businesses to communicate with their clients efficiently.

The Facebook developers observed that the site’s email messaging system is more formal with friction, cognitive load and weight versus the SMS and chat features. Tagged as the all new ‘Project Titan’, the company’s messaging system boasts three major features that include social inbox, conversation history and seamless messaging capabilities. In that same press conference, they also showed a short demo video where a certain user can receive an e-mail from someone while chatting with a friend. The mail eventually appeared at a chat window and a user can respond via that same window. Facebook sends the reply back through email. The service allows easy user notifications for new messages but puts more emphasis on how a certain message arrives and on responding to it more quickly.
Here are the three highlights for the Facebook Project Titan:

  • Social inbox. Because you already are aware who your friends are, Facebook can perform a good filtering for its users. A good way for you to deal with spam emails is to create a list. Nobody really enjoys making this list but Facebook does this feature automatically even without you working at all. Now you can attend to friends on where you left them off with this app. This is a form of messaging system that includes IM and SMS messages. People are pushing forward for shorter and simpler terms and Project Titan could be the pioneer of it all.
  • Seamless messaging. Facebook now brings email, chat, IM and SMS into one platform. All you need are the person and a message. Current iPhone apps are still being developed with the rest of the product. People should share however they want it.
  • Conversation histories. The email threading system is something archaic. The entire context won’t be wasted and images can be truly profound but they do mean something, collectively. Contemporary messaging is bound to support several attachments and extend photo sharing for every user.

With this new email innovation, Facebook reveals that the advertising system will stay the same. Their advertising system OS is still based upon the content you put in.