Social Media and Its Powerful Role in Building up your Business

In this highly technological world, social media indeed plays a vital role for all business and even marketing circles. Social media is known as among best platforms where you can promote your business site (like in Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter) and drive traffic to it. You can generate hundreds of leads without even trying to rob your bank. Some of the business advantages of social media include:

  • Develop product branding
  • Enables multi way communication channels
  • Low cost or free to every end user
  • Connect to people and share information about a service/product
  • Proven to be more relational

Every business owner wants his site to be not only popular but profitable as well. Business site owners would want to develop their own slate of loyal customers and recommend their business to third parties, family and friends to widen their market. Social media marketing is a great way for you to drive traffic into your site and make satisfied customers come back for more. Social media would also help your business expand its client database and even increase your email marketing list. Here are some of the best social media avenues for big and small businesses.

Digg. Digg is a site where you can share content from virtually anywhere in the web. If you are a business, you can promote any interesting, funny and surprising content where people can ‘digg it’. So you better start building your online presence now and make people end up talking about your products/services.

Yahoo Answers. There are many several existing online Q&A websites but still Yahoo Answers remains superior among its competition because of its huge user base and ability to contact people who asked questions by location. By answering the online community’s queries on your business niche, you are not only helping people, you also get to brand yourself as an expert in that specific category.

YouTube. This video sharing site is an awesome way for you to create how to videos and product demos that will engage customers to your business.

Twitter. Social media wouldn’t be complete without Twitter. The site is really all about conversations. It is about communicating with potential customers and building relationships with them. Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of Twitter is its Advanced Search functionality where business owners can look for specific keywords near a zip code. Don’t forget to be funny, interesting and entertaining to the people following you. Offer responses, industry updates, special deals and etc.

Facebook. Whether you have a huge or small business, getting a Facebook fan page is something worthwhile. Drive traffic into your site through encouraging posts, fan coupons, and so much more. Advertise on the largest social networking site in the world and bring in a lot of revenue to your business.

LinkedIn. Known as a social networking site for professionals, LinkedIn allows you to create business pages, create relevant groups and feature testimonials and provide business links.

Flickr. The site provides an avenue for business owners to search for customers with product needs. Flickr also allows you to share videos/images, connect with other members, share links, create groups and etc.