Give your learners, educators, and community access to all aspects of the educational experience on their mobile devices and they’ll be able to go anywhere. That’s what OpenLearn Mobile solutions are all about: giving you the power to engage everyone on their own terms and devices, offering instant access to the information they need and encouraging the interaction they crave. With tools like this, we can build a better education experience for everyone, everywhere, anytime.

In today’s mobile society, you need to ensure that your content is delivered consistently across all digital mediums. Website visitors are increasingly using their mobile devices to get the latest updates from their favorite websites using their iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Droid or other popular devices. OpenLearn technology automatically detects what mobile device your visitor is using and serves up a custom layout based on the device. The mobile site is self-managed which enables each student to log into their learning environment, take the class and get their certification right from their mobile device.