Virtual Class Room

OpenLearn is the online training market’s leading virtual classroom product enabling a highly effective new form of communication by combining the power of distributed multimedia with the benefits of online collaboration and interactivity. OpenLearn was designed to overcome the key shortcomings of first generation e-learning products by combining traditional text-based learning paths with powerful audio, video and interactive elements. OpenLearn brings powerful classroom training to your desktop that can be viewed both live and “on-demand”.

The OpenLearn Virtual Classroom enables an active form of communication among participants by integrating the power of multimedia with the advantages of online interactivity and collaboration. OpenLearn addresses some of the basic shortcomings of the first generation eLearning systems by combining traditional text based learning methodology with powerful video, audio and interactive learning elements. OpenLearn brings your classroom sessions onto your desktop where you can view it live or on-demand, as needed.

Our virtual classroom technology, enables each student-instructor interaction to simulate a traditional classroom experience. By allowing each student to see, hear and interact with the instructor, OpenLearn facilitates the same effective learning experience of an instructor-led classroom. Each student is empowered with the interactive benefits of live eLearning while also given instant access to the archived class on-demand to be viewed at their own pace anytime, anywhere.

Features of Open Learn include:

  • Customized Interface
  • Live and On-Demand Multimedia Content in Multiple Bit Rates and Formats
  • Synchronized Presentation Slides
  • Real-time Chat
  • Multilingual Scrolling Dialogue Box
  • Presentation Control
  • Interactive VOD outline
  • Browser-Based